Abandoned in a Tea Field

I’d like to tell you a true story; 13 years ago this woman went out to her tea field and found an abandoned baby boy with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. He had ant bites all over his mouth and part of his ear had been damaged by ants too 😥
She was a    and felt sorry for him and took him to her home. She asked friends in her church what to do and was told there was a foreign lady who would take cleft babies.
A few days later they turned up on our doorstep. I could see that she genuinely cared for him and Josh and I encouraged her to keep him.
They were concerned about how to afford to raise him as they already had 3 children. Josh challenged them that if they kept the baby and raised him, that pleases the Lord and He would provide for them. They did keep him and over the next three years their tea harvest was dramatically more than their neighbors, on the third year they didn’t use pesticides as bugs were attacking all surrounding fields but not theirs!!! He has been helped by #mekonghopesurgicalfund over the years.
Today it was wonderful to see them again and check his speech and teeth and catch up.
How faithful is God!!
Love seeing redemption, new life, and people being lifted from the dust heap and being seated with princes!

Super San

Mekong Hope Surgical Fund is more than just fixing a cleft lip. We believe in holistic care so that means not just getting the best surgery possible to make the outside look great, but also getting cleft palates repaired. And we don’t stop there, communication is such an integral part of a person’s life. Cleft palates often cause some speech impediment so today little San came across the border with his mum to have another speech therapy lesson.

We have designed simple, reproducible activities that his mum can do with him at home. Today we worked on trying to blow all the air out his mouth and not letting any escape out his nose!

We were able to talk with San’s mum about future education and when the time comes, we are happy to advocate for children to get into school and partner with other projects for economic opportunities for the family or school scholarships.

It is such a privilege to share life with these families and walk with them for holistic growth and transformation.