A little bit about my Journey

My family and I have been living and working in Southeast Asia since 1997. During that time we’ve had some amazing adventures and met some even more amazing people. 

Some of these people have needed a little extra care and support to receive medical treatment, especially surgeries. Friends, family and local community have all chipped in to help make these surgeries possible. After some firm prompting, I finally decided to start the Mekong Hope Surgical Fund.

Children we Seek to Help

Many children with medical and surgical needs in the Mekong Region have limited or no access to care or treatment. Even when practical help is available, these children can still miss out because their carers fear that the cost of treatment is beyond the family’s means. As a result, these children are not able to attend school, thus limiting their options for their future.

Progress in the Middle Kingdom

Specifically, within China, I have witnessed the ongoing development of better access to medical and surgical treatment for nearly 20 years. There are now government medical insurance schemes and even charity events for specific medical or surgical treatments. Alongside these local programs and events, Mekong Hope Surgical Fund advocates and liaises between patients and treatment opportunities. If a patient’s family is poor, the Mekong Hope Surgical Fund pays for transportation and then meals for the duration of the hospital stay.

Challenges along the Border

For patients coming from conflict-affected Northeast Myanmar, Mekong Hope Surgical Fund helps to obtain legal travel permits, provides translators, and arranges pre-surgery and post-surgery support. The vast majority of patients coming from this region are very poor, have a history of trauma, lack formal education, and generally suspicious of anyone wanting to help them. This region is notorious for all forms of trafficking, including human trafficking. Patients that receive help, support and surgery through Mekong Hope Surgical Fund become our biggest advocates. It’s so special to see local officials on both sides of the border go out of their way to support the medical treatment of our patients.

Mekong Hope Surgical Fund is not a registered organization or a formal fund. It is a personal fund for friends to help friends. This website is our attempt to share stories of good people doing good things.