Am Dai


Am Dai Update

Part kitchen, part clininc

Little Am Dai came back for wound debriding, suture removal and check up at my kitchen table clinic! Initially Am Dai was crying at the thought of me touching her wound (her dad said other doctors ripped off the dressing despite her screams 😩). I told her we’d go super slow….and prayed – lots! In the end, she was smiling and laughing through most of it!! Thank You Jesus!! Not often you see a happy child whilst getting their burn skin graft debrided!!

Debriding background

I’m use to de-briding leprous wounds that are mostly numb, but I had in the forefront of my mind, “do unto others as you would have them do to you.” I would want someone being kind, careful, skilful if I had a wound this size!! Super thankful for my friend Nina keeping her entertained and happy too!!

Graft Update

So the graft looks good and the dark, dry bits of skin will continue to come off – another successful and happy patient! Combo effort thanks to Mekong Hope Surgical Fund, Hani Coffee Co and the expat doctors at the Kunming Boya Hospital.


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