Super San


Speech Therapy

A natural extension of cleft lip and palate repair.

Mekong Hope Surgical Fund does more than just find solutions to surgical challenges. For young San, holistic care means repairing both his cleft lip (exterior) and palate (interior) and also following up with communication training.

San a few months after his cleft lip and palate surgery.

Cleft palates can cause minor speech impediments. So we (legally) brought San across the border with his mum to have some speech therapy lessons.

We designed simple reproducible activities that San’s mum can do with him at home.  We worked on blowing all the air out his mouth and not letting any escape out his nose!

During the session, we naturally discussed San’s future education. We love to advocate for children to get into school! To this end, we partner with other projects to provide economic growth opportunities for local family as well as school scholarships.

It is such a privilege to share life with these families and walk with them for holistic growth and transformation.